The Numerous Applications of Bean Bags

Bean Bags are the most- comfortable bags which have replaced furniture in modern homes. Though they have a wide range of applications, they are mostly seen as a replacement to rigid uncomfortable wooden furniture. Filled with dried beans, they can adjust themselves to giving the maximum comfort to any person using them. Earlier they were limited to adults and children. Recently a wide range of infant-friendly Baby Bean Bags has been introduced.

History of Beanbags

Bean Bags were introduced in 1969 by an Italian Company. They were initially called Sacco. Sacco was filled with Styrofoam Beans. Even today, such Bean Bags filled with Styrofoam is being produced. Mostly indoor Beanbag covers are made from Corduroy, fake fur and leather. Beanbags which can be used outdoors are made up of Polyester. These Polyester Beanbags are also waterproof which makes it easy to clean.

Healthy Bean Bags

Baby Bean Bags have been found to prevent Plagiocephaly in infants. Plagiocephaly is also known as Flat Head Syndrome and is more prevalent in babies. Hence these comfortable Beanbags not only keep your comfortable but also healthy. Also, the straps ensure that the baby does not slide due to the slippery nature of dry beans and keeps the baby in upright position. Although straps are available, it is not advisable to leave your baby on the bean bag unwatched.

Other Uses

Bean Bag Rounds are used as non-lethal impact ammunition. It is usually used by cops to disperse a crowd. Baby Bean Bags also serve as Tripod Stands for makeshift purposes. Beanbags are also used in Clutching technology of robots. Bean Bags are also used as throwing, juggling properties. Kids who love to try juggling with football are advised to practice with Baby Beanbags first.

With that being said, this simple bag filled with dry beans has an enormously high number of applications besides providing excellent comfort.